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Cindy co-founded Relationship Studio and Divine Connect to help people build more meaningful relationships. It all started when I was in university. I was casually coaching my classmates on how to be more charismatic, not be a push-over and stop getting bullied by their girlfriends and I received great feedback. After graduating, I worked in the event industry for 4 years. Then I got married and decided it was time to set up my own business. I had a wedding planner business and founded Relationship Studio. As my client base for Relationship Studio expanded, I made up my mind to do more coaching and events for singles.

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· Heather Chauvin · Leadership Coach, Host of Mom Is In Control Podcast · Kristy Shen and Bryce Leong · Authors of Quit Like a Millionaire.

Contents: Dating a single mom: what you should know and why it’s wonderful Want to add to the discussion? Any time I tried to be a part of her family i. Of course that was because they had a very strong father figure in their life and they didn’t see me as a valuable addition to their lives. If anything they saw me as a threat to the fun day once a week they spent with their mother. And her kids didn’t particularly care for my kids either. I do really admire your willingness to engage a partners’ children.

I would endeavor to do the same if my involvement were desired by the children of a partner, but one can’t assume that the dynamic you’ve described would even work in a given situation. Well it is a case-by-case basis, and there are exceptions to the rules, but for an overall bit of advice to the OP, I think single people should approach dating single parents this way at first, then see where the cards may fall.

I had a female friend who’s boyfriend had twin teenage daughters, who lived with their mom. She took initiative to be active in their lives, even if they were 15 at the time , and the daughters were receptive to that. Yeah, as a newly single father who has already married one single mother, neither can I. I certainly wouldn’t want to make any kid introductions until we were certain that things were serious and there was long-term potential, but I’m assuming it’s almost a given that my future dating pool is going to be heavily weighted towards single mothers.

Cindy Leong, Co-Founder of Relationship Studio & Divine Connect

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Sometimes, we become so consumed by the dating game that we lose the true essence of why we are dating our partner. These discussions also allow you to see whether he cares about what you think, and if he shares the same values and priorities. Having a clear vision of your future together anchors your relationship, which will help the both of you deal with the challenges that life will inevitably bring.

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This app is. My single friends and I also get itchy in the summer city so we go away on weekends Find singles with matchs.

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Enneagram is a personality test. Knowing their Enneagram type helps our clients to understand their pattern of thinking. Thereafter, we do customized one-to-one matching for all our clients, arranging between three to 10 potential matches depending on their specific Enneagram profiles and personality. Our clients are also given one-to-one coaching and they may attend our workshops to further better themselves.

So far, our success rate has been pretty high. Many of our clients found their ideal type within the first or second match. We all know 2 Corinthians 13 is the chapter about love, but few have internalised it and turned it into a lifelong career helping people find love. Meet dating and relationship coach Cindy Leong, 30, co-founder of matchmaking agency Divine Connect. How did you get started in this business of matchmaking? Have majored in business at polytechnic, the natural progression for me was to go to business school in university.

After Bible school, there was no place for me in business school—because of the baby boom during the year of the Dragon! I picked psychology as my major and there was this module on the science behind attractiveness that really intrigued me. During that time, I was already helping many people who were having problems with relationships.

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time of the day it is,” according to Enneagram Relationship Coach, Cindy Leong of Ask each other the same questions you’d ask someone at a speed-​dating.

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When we give up too much of ourselves in a relationship, we may no longer have any time for the things we enjoy doing, or worse, are denied the freedom to stand by the values we believe in and, well, be ourselves. This can make us resentful and cause us to start sabotaging the relationship by picking fights. By putting some of our needs first, we allow ourselves to be happy, which will in turn make us better parters.

Read on to learn more about the seven things you should be selfish about in a relationship. A partner who has your best interests at heart will be supportive of you chasing your dreams.

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All these advice are good, but sometimes it pays to go back to the basics. Men are visual beings. After a long and tiring day at work, what does your man see when he comes home and open the door? Yes, you heard rightly. This is not some quack advice. An organized home affects us women on every level — physical, emotional, and mental. Psychologists at St Lawrence University, New York link , shows that a cluttered room disturbs our sleep, and makes us more tired. It can increase stress, cause depression and slow down our thinking.

Fengshui, or geomancy if you believe in it , says that clutter is bad for our health too, because energy cannot flow in the house link. When we get quality rest, everything else is within reach. And with it, all the action in the bedroom. So smart women listen up!

What You Should Be Selfish About In A Relationship

Dos and Don’ts for your next date. What turns people off on a date? Here are the top five no-nos, and how to avoid them.

She is also the Exclusive Dating Coach of I Meet You, a leading online dating company in Singapore and Chief Dating Coach of Divine.

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